Covid-19 Update

See how Swindon Food Collective are operating during the lockdown period.

Swindon's local food bank is here to help

Do you know someone who is struggling to put food on the table?

This is how people can get a referral for a food parcel.

Maybe you are still waiting for benefits? Unable to work? Only feeding the family and going without yourself? There are many reasons why people are unable to afford to eat every day. We are here to help! We understand.

Our Mission

To reduce the impact of food poverty on people in crisis in the Swindon and district area.

Welcome to Swindon Food Collective

Welcome to Swindon Food Collective. Your local food bank. We are an independent charity that aims to help people in Swindon, or the surrounding area who are suffering from financial hardship and finding it difficult to provide food for themselves, their family or dependants. We are here to help.

More about us

We are becoming increasingly concerned to hear of further incidents of people asking for cash donations at pubs in the Swindon area and beyond. Today, we have read about people knocking on doors in the SN3 area of Swindon asking for cash donations.
Swindon Food Collective does not and never has knocked on doors or approached people in pubs, restaurants or cafes asking for donations of any kind. Any official looking letter is a scam.
Please be very careful and not allow anyone to use a food bank charity to take your money.
If you are approached, please report it to the police

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